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For years I've lived in fear. Fear of having money, fear of not having money, fear of my bank account, fear of my bank statements, fear of literally EVERYTHING to do with money.
There was so much fear it even affected my ability to earn money in my business, despite that being one of my most important goals for my business.
I had a couple of sessions with Charlotte and she helped me uncover where and when the fear started, the incidents in my life that had a profound influence on what money means to me. Little did I know that random events from my childhood and teenage years could influence so much of my adult life without me even knowing.
Charlotte helped me to walk the path of discovery, confrontation, and knocking down the barriers that I built so many years ago.
There's still some work to do, bit at least I'm not afraid anymore!
Thank you Charlotte for helping me to overcome my fears about money, for helping me to take responsibility, and for helping me to have a normal relationship with money. I can't tell you what a relief it is......... ?



Charlotte is absolutely amazing! I will say that this past year has been all about a transformation for me. It started with professional and self-development courses and programs and has progressed to Charlotte's therapies. I don't think I've ever felt more alive and I owe it all to her! She truly has a gift and I have been able to unleash a power within me that I never knew I had! I was able to work with Charlotte from all the way across the WORLD - via video connection and was transformed. Thank you, Charlotte! You are truly one of the best!


Thank you so much Charlotte for the amazing insight you gave me into what has been holding me back for so long - something I wasn't even aware of! The process you took me through is something that I've never really tried before but you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and I am so grateful. I now have a much better understanding into why some things affect me in the way they do that I'm now much more aware when they arise so that I can clear them quickly - I no longer let them stop me! Thank you so much!!


Where to start? 
Charlotte was my guiding star. When I met her, there was something about her, that made me want to be close to her. Her aura, her energy, herself I believe. Even though I didn’t know back then that she was a therapist, a healer, an angel. We met for a few hours, then each of us headed different ways. After a few months, I felt the urge to contact her. Even though I’ve been doing psychoanalysis for a few years, and those years were extremely important for my self development, growth, self knowledge, awareness, healing…. there was (by the time I decided to contact Charlotte), still this cavern sort of feeling in my chest, a known feeling, I could feel that even though I was happy and in the right path, there was something pulling me back, holding me back from the north I wanted to achieve. I didn’t know exactly what it was, but there was definitely something, and somehow I know it belonged to my early ages. 
I didn’t really had to explain much to her (I didn’t know how), I felt like if she knew. That made things much easier for me. Her recordings, and sessions, changed me. I don’t have that feeling in my chest anymore, I don’t feel pulled back anymore. Some known defense mechanisms are gone, some known repetitive behaviorl patterns are gone as well. I have more self knowledge, and awareness. I can’t say that I had some sort of spectacular revelation or something. Or remembrance about early ages. No, none of that for me really. I just can see things more clear now. As if someone pulled the curtain away. The veil. As if someone cut the string that was holding me back. I could definitely felt when that happen. And that was after listening the recording for fourth time. And then everything went better and better. 
I found my peace, my center. 
I personally believe that she does this with such a devotion and love. So the result can never go wrong.


I immediately I felt really comfortable with Charlotte, she was recommended to me by Malcolm Dobson who is an amazing hypnotherapist, I stopped smoking cigarettes with Malcolm's help over 8 years ago, unfortunately I started to smoke a bit of marijuana about 3 years ago and really wanted to kick the habit, about a month ago I visited Charlotte & I can honestly say I have not even thought about smoking marijuana since,thank you so much for setting me free X



I went to see Charlotte following treatment for breast cancer. Having previously been in the same situation several years ago I had the 'been there done that' attitude. However, I was not prepared for how I ended up feeling. A few months after my operation I found myself very depressed and I really struggled with my emotions, confidence and body image. This had a real knock on effect to all aspects of my life and began affecting relationships with my partner and friends. It was at this time that I contacted F.A.C.T (a fabulous organisation) who in turn put me in contact with Charlotte. With her help and support I managed to start sleeping again, which is something that I had not done since my operation, and was a major player in my struggles. The techniques that she uses are non intrusive and very relaxing. Having completed my 6 sessions and the use of copious amounts of tissues - I have my life back! Even though I still have further surgery to have, I am now in a good place to deal with it. Charlotte is non judgemental and has huge empathy for her clients. Without her assistance I dread to think how I would be today. I cannot thank this amazing lady enough!



When i was a child I thought I was different from everyone because I assumed that I was the only person being abused, the affects of this abuse paved the path to adulthood and beyond with all sorts of emotional problems.  With the change in recent years regarding historical child abuse I had the strength to seek help.  I contacted Charlotte and asked if she could help me and after a free first session we embarked on a treatment tailored for my needs and after several sessions my life had changed!  The pain and suffering and the bad choices I had made were gone!  I couldn't believe the results and I would not hesitate to recommend Charlotte's services to anyone.  Thank you Charlotte so much.




After spending the last 6 months feeling like I was totally loosing my mind, scared of being in crowds and having horrible panic attacks, I am truly amazed, in just one week I feel like I am finding my way back to reality. Listening to Charlottes recording with such a sweet relaxing voice makes me calm and relaxed and has taken me back to memories of when I was just 4 years old. Anybody thinking of trying this therapy with Charlotte. I can truly recommend it.



I have always been pretty sceptical when it comes to hypnotherapy and how it could even work on me, but having listened to a video that Charlie sent to me I was truly amazed at how it unlocked memories from my childhood that I'd forgotten I even had, which have since had a really great impact on my life now! Time to delve deeper!!!



Thought I'd say that you are very good at what you do. I find your job admirable and I'd love to be like you one day. Another thing is, I've had the most amazing evening with my son, its like I'm able to be the mum I want to be. It's been one perfect moment after another, finishing off with him falling asleep while I'm reading him The Little Prince this is so special because he would never agree to me reading it to him and second because its the first time he has ever fallen asleep listening to me read to him. Thankyou for everything.





I have been suffering with anxiety since December and it felt like it had taken over even the small things. With help from Charlie I have now managed to do the little things like walk to the shop as I recognise where my anxiety has come from. I now have the tools and knowledge to cope with my anxiety thanks to Charlie and I am making progress each day with things I didn't think could be possible. Thank you so much for the help and support Charlotte, you have made those little things possible again. X




'Charlotte has really been there for me, she has really helped my years and years of turmoil slowly disappear. I have managed to reach total relaxation and calm with her brilliant recordings. I am so pleased with the progress I am making with Charlotte's help.






Right you were to warn me  that I will be tired.Oh my, I must have carried stones for days on end, that is how I felt.

Now I am over the hump(so to speak), the tired phase lasted only two days.

The miserable cough came once, last night.I hope that will be the last one.

I have a cough, result of smoking and of course damage to my breathing apparatus

from that miserable cough.

But that little cough is easy to digest and manage.

So overall Charlotte, you have helped me an awful lot and I thank you for it!!!!!!!!

I never knew that this kind of help would be available, I don't know much(nothing!!) about you profession.

Well, I learnt a lot!!!

Again Charlotte, thank you soo much for you help.




Charlotte, for taking the time to explain things to me.

Very much appreciated, now I understand much better.

The awful cough seems to be gone, wow!!! To me it is a miracle and I  thank you for helping and guiding me



".........This is how I saw hypnotherapy, something that was a joke, something that is embarrassing and you end up doing silly things. 


I had been suffering from anxiety and had wanted to feel safe at home as well as when going out.  Like a lot of people my life has been colourful and I thought that could be the main cause of how I was feeling and instead of hiding in a bottle I

decided to try something new and different.


My first session of hypnotherapy with Charlotte took me back to a place where I felt at home, I was familiar with the smells and felt safe in my surroundings.  I went back to my childhood home but it did not feel like a memory, I could see the woodchip wall paper and could smell what my home used to smell like and could see things clearer than a picture like it was real. 


At this point I felt quite apprehensive and fearful but Charlotte helped me to feel safe and calm and I continued on my journey and began to explore my memories slowly. 


Week after week Charlotte guided me safely and encouraged me to let my subconscious mind show me the way and understand how things have affected me and how they can be changed.  I was feeling emotions that were difficult for me to feel but I felt safe enough to do so.  After I felt much more in control of my feelings and I felt safer and stronger. 


For about 48 hours after most sessions old memories became more apparent and I had realisations about certain things in my life which I was able to follow through with Charlotte on each visit. 


Continually I feel stronger and safer in my living environment and I have been amazed at how I have been able to feel about certain parts of my life, even forgiveness about things which I did not think would be possible. 


Also since starting therapy with Charlotte I have noticed how I don’t need to analyse things so much and can get on with living my life with a new found confidence and enjoyment.  Life is no longer a struggle!  I am honoured to be able to write a

testimonial for you Charlotte, thank you so much!"



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