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"After spending the last 6 months feeling like I was totally loosing my mind, scared of being in crowds and having horrible panic attacks, I am truly amazed, in just one week I feel like I am finding my way back to reality. Listening to Charlottes recording with such a sweet relaxing voice makes me calm and relaxed and has taken me back to memories of when I was just 4 years old. Anybody thinking of trying this therapy with Charlotte. I can truly recommend it."

Personalised Hypnotherapy Recordings

Perhaps you are not in Tenerife, or perhaps you cannot afford to come for one-to-one sessions, but you are keen to start making changes in your life.  Or maybe all you need is a little focus or push in the right direction.  Are you a bit sceptical of therapies/hypnotherapies?  Well this may just be a great way to introduce you!  If you opt in to this form of self-help then I will send you a short questionnaire and from that I will build, construct and record and send over to you via email as an MP3, your very own unique recording which you can listen to at your own leisure, as much as you desire.  


If you have something in your life you need to shift, unblock, change, elimnate or build up, then a personalised recording will definitely get you on the right track.  I will take your sub-conscious and conscious minds on a journey of discovery and realisation, the same as if you were in a one-to-one session with me.  From your answers in the questionnaire I will be able to communicate deeply with your sub-conscious mind and using my professional and personalised techniques help you eliminate, shift, unblock, re-build and create a mind that is able to move forward without that restriction and build you up with the confidence you need.  


If you are ready to purchase this now, there is the option to pay securely via Paypal below or you can go to "prices, bookings and payment" and select Hypnotherapy MP3.  On receipt of your payment I will be in touch within 72 hours with the few questions I have and then on receipt of that questionnaire, I will email your unique personalised recording within 5 working days. Please read below for advise on listening to the recording.


Tips when purchasing a Personalised Recording


I just have a few tips and recommendations as well as cautions that need to be addressed:


If you want to play some meditation music in the background that’s fine.  I definitely recommend listening with headphones on.  I highly recommend that you listen sometimes in an upright position when you wont go to sleep and also sometimes whilst you are going to sleep.  Even when you are sleeping your subconscious mind is still working and the recording can work on a much deeper level.  So a balance of both is good.  You may find it useful to keep a pen and paper next to you, I highly recommend, to boost the effectiveness of the recording, writing thoughts, feelings and emotions down immediately after listening.  You can keep an emotion diary as well and this will also support you in your day- to- day life.  Keep tissues handy when listening to your recording, if you feel the need to let out some tears let them come.  It is an important part of healing the past.  You will also likely experience other physical reactions, such as shaking, coughing, tingling, itching.  Go with it, they are an important part of emotional release.  However, if you ever feel that the emotions and/or physical reactions are too much then please contact me.  Sometimes we need a helping hand going through and understanding our reactions.  The importance of being able to feel these feelings and physically experience them is to be able to clear mental, emotional and physiological blockages.  Once they are cleared fully and permanently then you can move on and ultimately live a free, happy and peaceful life.


 Please note that the recordings need to have a time limit so I can only really work on one thing per recording in order to keep it within a manageable time frame for day-to-day life.  Moreover, the mind, body and soul needs time to change with new realisations and beliefs.  You may even feel "down"  after the first few listenings but the more you practise and open up the better you will feel.  So should you feel, its not working or its not what you want to listen to, be patient and keep going, change will come.  Most importantly,  be kind to yourself and give yourself some time and space. 




Hypnotherapy MP3
40.00 EUR

As soon as payment is received I will email your questionnaire within 72 hours and within 5 working days of receipt of your completed questionnaire you will receive your unique personalised recording in MP3 format.

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