For years I've lived in fear. Fear of having money, fear of not having money, fear of my bank account, fear of my bank statements, fear of literally EVERYTHING to do with money.

There was so much fear it even affected my ability to earn money in my business, despite that being one of my most important goals for my business.
I had a couple of sessions with Charlotte and she helped me uncover where and when the fear started, the incidents in my life that had a profound influence on what money means to me. Little did I know that random events from my childhood and teenage years could influence so much of my adult life without me even knowing.
Charlotte helped me to walk the path of discovery, confrontation, and knocking down the barriers that I built so many years ago.
There's still some work to do, bit at least I'm not afraid anymore!
Thank you Charlotte for helping me to overcome my fears about money, for helping me to take responsibility, and for helping me to have a normal relationship with money. I can't tell you what a relief it is...

"Charlotte is absolutely amazing! I will say that this past year has been all about a transformation for me. It started with professional and self-development courses and programs and has progressed to Charlotte's therapies. I don't think I've ever felt more alive and I owe it all to her! She truly has a gift and I have been able to unleash a power within me that I never knew I had! I was able to work with Charlotte from all the way across the WORLD - via video connection and was transformed. Thank you, Charlotte! You are truly one of the best!"

Imagine having your own life coach AND therapist all in one!  Imagine what you could acheive?


Whats the top thing that you would like to change in your life?


Are you someone who feels you could be acheiving more and looking for guidance in one or all these areas?


Your career

Your financial life

Your romantic life

Your friendships

Your communication skills

Your spiritual life


Do you feel a dis-comfort within your body which nothing seems to take away that feeling?  It may also be described as a dis-content or as feeling dis-connected.


You generally have a pretty good life, a decent job, good friends, partner, family but there is just "something" missing.  An un-balance somewhere.


You want to take your own life into your own hands but you have no idea where to start?  You want more for you and also for your family.  You want them to experience freedom.  You want to be in a position to support them financially and emotionally.  


Those feelings leave you feeling seperate, sad, uncontent, useless and underacheiving. 


Perhaps that you could be doing more for your loved ones.  Perhaps you get the feeling that this is not what life is about and there is more to it than working a 9-5 and living pay-check to pay-check.  You want more time with your family and friends, you want to feel fulfilled and content.  Peaceful and at ease.  Time to enjoy this world and discover its wonders and empower others to do the same.


Would you like your job to be fulfilling, to mean something.  To be able to help and extend a hand not only to family and friends but also to strangers.


Would you like to discover what that missing link is?


Would you like to be able to be free!  Free from financial worries, free from expectations and would you like to flow freely towards a life that you design without fear and without anything stopping you?




Well, you have come to the right place.  Charlotte works with a well practised strategy which incorporates some therapy skills mixed with life and success skills so that she can work with you for you to:

  • Find that missing link
  • Discover and understand the core beliefs that drive you in your life
  • Eliminate self limiting beliefs easily and quickly
  • Create and nurture beliefs that grow you and your life
  • Set goals specific to you and ensure that you reach them (the goals could be money, love, communication - anything that you need)
  • Create daily habits that you want and which will ensure you reach your goals (these could be spiritual, mental, diet, exercise - again, it will be unique to you)
  • Provide you with on-going support even when you are ready to go it alone

Charlotte provides 6 month or year coaching and a free consultation will be held at first to see how your own coaching package needs to be structured.  It is life coaching so it will cover all areas of your life.  Honestly, Rome was not built in a day.  For you to get overweight or depressed it does not happen over night.  For you to rectify these issue it is not solved overnight.  For you to build the life of your dreams and in all areas (which will cover, mental, emotional, physical, career and relationships)  it is not going to happen overnight. 


Charlotte is looking for people who are committed to their cause and their family and although the consultation will be geared toward building your action plan Charlotte will also be assesing whether you are compatible with her and how she works.  




The 6 month program is to help those with financial difficulties get started.  Within that 6 month period they will be looking to increase their work life to become more prosperous and enjoyable so that they can then move onto the year program.


The year program is designed to address all areas of your life that you feel are significant and significantly holding you back.  Whatever areas are your focal point the inner-game work will be an important part to build strong and correct belief foundations.  From there practical actions will be created in order to actually reach your goals and you will recieve life time skills that will see you Llive the life that you long and desire.


This is what is included in the program, however, please bear in mind that there is a lot that will happen that is not listed below.  It will depend so much on the person and their situation.  This will give you a rough idea and the consultation will be in more detail:

Coaching includes:

- 1 X 1:1 per week plus 1 extra if needed throughout the month - so 5 per month


- Response from Charlotte within 24 hours on whatsapp and direct access


- Coaching that will improve all areas of your life as a whole: Work, physical health, family, social, spiritual and mental


- Personalised Hypnosis and meditation recordings as required If you do not know about hypnosis and meditation then please bring this up in the consultation.  This is the most powerful tool out there to really make permanent, natural change.  This is a key element to what makes Charlotte unique to other coaches out there


- Practical life long tools for taking action steps and learning exactly what your goal is


- Being precise with planning and strategising 


- Accountability tasks


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Why Charlotte is unique and effective 


Charlotte qualified as a anayltical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in 2003 after gaining a degree in Psychology with Criminology.  Since then she has worked as a therapist with children and adolescents for 7 years before moving on to working adults.  Her work as a therapist mostly covered anxiety and depression.  However, even working with these issues once the client was rid of these issues she would continue to work with them to start to build the life that they did want with the freedom that they had discovered.  


At this point Charlotte realised that she was missing a lot of people who were relatively OK with their life but just knew that they could be more or acheive more or reach that state of peace and happiness.  Actually that is what most people are searching for, peace and happiness from within.


About 18 months ago Charlotte started coaching for a Miilion Dollar company coaching home business owners.  This involved coaching on mindset and action taking.  Charlotte was consistenytly one of the top coaches over the last year and continues to help and support another million dollar company create results.


What makes Charlotte really unique is that not only is she a therapist and coach combined but also she has a powerful and fast technique to get the core issues for people and only a few hundred therapists in the world know about this.  This enables her results to stand out from the crowd and her clients to experience success they did not believe was possible.


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A message from Charlotte:


From working solely as a therapist I realised that I was restricting the most exctiing, prosperous, liberating and the most important part of the journey to only certain people.  People in your situation don´t realise that I can help you too!  So I have created this page for that next step of the journey.  


Come and meet me, this is all done online, for a FREE  hour strategy session and we will discover exactly what it is that YOU want to acheive and we can strategise how together.  My contact details are below.


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Please a link to my qualifications  HERE.  My history HERE   You can also check out my testimonials 


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or email me on:


I look forward to hearing from you.




Charlotte Chalkley

BSc(hons) DipCAH



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