Children & Adolescent consultation Services

As well as doing private therapy work, I am able and priviledged to be able to offer my services for consultation.  I have nearly 10 years experience of working in many departments of the English government.  I worked for the: Youth Service, Children's and families services, Social work, Education, Residential services and Crisis and assesment.


Using this experience with my qualifications I would like to offer a consultation service to schools and other adolescent/child services.  


I can work one-to-one or in groups.  I am educated in writing reports and consulting with other professional bodies and I am also knowledgable in refering cases to other necessary departments.  I am skilled in working with the family unit and working towards building relationships and teaching communication skills.


Below are some of the ways in which I can help bring harmony to your school so that you may increase the success of each child/adolescents learning abilities and better your reputation and effectiveness as a school :


Do you have "problem" children at school?

Do you have children with family diffficulties?

Do you have children who's behaviour has become out of hand and you are not sure why?

Do you have children who have suffered a family bereavment?

Do you have children suffering from bullying?

Do you have children who bully?


I will use age specific skills to work with each child/adolescent on an individual basis, drawing out in a safe environment, the cause of the stressful behaviour.  This will be followed up with educating and practising new age related skills and techniques to overcome those behaviours and replace them with postive empowering skills.  I use a  number of ecclectic therapies and use gentle hypnosis to allow children to express themselves and understand their emotions in a safe and positive manner.  This also allows me to work on a much deeper level which in turn invokes a permanent change in behaviour.


Please find below scans of my qualifications.  Please also notice my membership, part of that membership includes a requirement to be insured, which I am for the whole of Europe.


If you would like more information or would like to discuss how we can work together then please contact me on:


0034 654931886

or email me on:


I look forward to hearing from you.




Charlotte Chalkley

BSc(hons) DipCAH



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